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Our Ethos

We believe that employees are the most critical component of an organisation's success.

It's people that define business culture, bring different perspectives and drive growth. It's because of this that we're incredibly invested in finding the right people for our clients. As a leading international search and selection consultancy for Biotechnology and Life Sciences companies, we're relentless in finding the right people to drive change, fuel growth and innovate for our clients.

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Chaseman Specialisms

Experts in Bio & Life Sciences, our team are specialists in finding high-calibre, committed executives, leaders and senior managers across the following industries:


International search, with regional attention to detail

With extensive knowledge of market conditions and regional client relationships, our consultants work alongside our partners to fully understand their business culture and build a comprehensive growth strategy.

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"I've used Chaseman for a number of key requirements and their service is great and we are always happy with the outcome"

Jan Stechmann, President, Helm Agro US

"I consider the individuals on our Chaseman team to be our partners more than service providers"

Kim Li Spencer, MD. ISCA, Inc

"Chaseman have always provided a thorough, professional service. The extensiveness of what is reported means we always have a clear understanding of how our roles are progressing"


Our Network

Trusted advisors to our partners, building teams for the most successful and innovative Life Sciences companies around the world